Stone Mountain Treasure Hunters

Metal Detecting Club of Metro Atlanta, GA


  The Stone Mountain Treasure Hunters metal detecting club is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and protection of the hobby of recreational metal detecting. The club is made up of people around the metro Atlanta, Georgia area.

Currently, our membership includes approximately 40 members of all ages, ranging from those with over 30 years of experience metal detecting to the newcomers in this fantastic hobby of treasure hunting. Our treasure hunting club activities include monthly meetings, social hunts, and competition metal detecting hunts for silver coins and prizes. Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings in Duluth, Georgia so come on down and get in on the action.

It is our desire that you will find our treasure hunting club website informative, educational and entertaining. Our metal detecting club membership is mainly interested in three faucets of treasure hunting: these are coin-shooting, beach and water hunting, and Civil War relic hunting. We also have members interested in gold prospecting, bottle hunting, rock & gem collecting, and Indian artifacts.

Stone Mountain Treasure Hunters club would like to extend an invitation to anyone interested in metal detecting to attend one of our monthly treasure hunting meetings. Visitors are given a "goodie bag" with product literature from the various metal detector manufactures, sponsoring metal detector dealers info, a metal detecting magazine, and treasure hunting promotional items.

Most meetings will include a presentation from one of the members or a guest speaker on metal detecting equipment, target recovery methods, how to clean and protect your finds, historical information research or other treasure hunting related topics.